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Solo performances


Gråtvalsen - Performed on mountain dulcimer, handpan, hammered dulcimer, concertina, and bowed psaltery. Composed by Ale Möller


The Rolling Waves - A jig with a title that fits the tune

St. Anne's Reel - Easygoing and bouncy for the first half; peppy for the second half. Performed on hammered dulcimer, handpan, and piano


A Thousand Years - From the movie, "Twilight"

Lord Inchiquin - Lovely tune by Irish composer Turlough O'Carolan


Joy to the World - Performed in the lobby following a VocalEssence performance

Jamming on the dulcimer accompaniment to Malcolm Dalglish's choral piece, "Lay Me Low"


Da Slockit Light - Composed by Tom Anderson, performed on the Anglo concertina

The Box Elder Bug Shanty - A song about those nasty creatures who infest us every autumn. Composed by Stu's wife, Diane Laura Rains


Branching Out - An original handpan piece

Greenwood Tree


St. Anne's Reel - Traditional French Canadian reel performed by Greenwood Tree at Stu's retirement concert from 3M


Alla Hornpipe - Handel's classic from Water Music, performed by Greenwood Tree at the Hilde Small Stage in Plymouth, MN

Garry Owen - Traditional Irish jig performed by Greenwood Tree at the Loring Park Art Festival - video by Karen Smudski


Canon in D - Pachelbel's greatest hit and favorite at weddings, performed by Greenwood Tree at a Coon Rapids (MN) Coffee and Dessert concert

Eisner's Klezmorim


Hora Bucavina / Skotsne / Pensie Nemer Waltz - Performed by Eisner's Klezmorim at Stu's retirement concert from 3M


Khosn Kale Mazltov - Performed by Eisner's Klezmorim, video by Karen Smudski

Neptune's Keep


The Lightkeeper's Daughter - Music, lyrics, and video editing by Diane Laura Rains, recorded at Wild Sound Studios


Cocoon Song - Composed by Diane Laura Rains, performed at Stu's retirement concert from 3M

Choral accompaniment


Sail Away - Composed by Malcolm Dalglish, performed by the Roseville (MN) High School Bel Canto choir (in robes) and alumni (in street clothing)

Star in the East medley - Audio recording of Malcolm Dalglish's choral composition with St. Paul (MN) United Church of Christ choir

Come, Birds of Seasons - World premiere of Diane Laura Rains's choral composition with White Bear Unitarian Universalist Church Harmonia choir